Join us for a special family Service

at penningtonag church

Services at 9 & 11 am

High energy worship

Our service will begin by inviting the children to help lead us in worship.  The first half of our song selection for Easter will be high energy and include hand motions.  Our children's ministry team will join the band on stage in leading the songs. They will be high-energy and engaging.  The second half of our set will be more traditional, but accessible enough for children to stay engaged. We believe that kids should see their parents worship, pray and praise God.  We also believe that adults can learn from children to loosen up and have fun in church!

Fun illustrations

To help kids understand the Bible, we may recruit the help of some puppet friends to bring the story to life.  We believe the Bible is the true basis of all of our teaching, and sometimes laughter helps the truth to stick.

We love using every tool at our disposal to lead children and adults alike to fall in love with Jesus and the Bible. While our children love our puppet friends... our adults tend to laugh the hardest.

Interactive skits

When a puppet just won't work, we include actual humans in the telling of God's story of love, sin and salvation.  We truly believe that church can be both life-changing AND full of joy as we all share in one story.

We want to encourage interaction in the service and desire people of all ages and backgrounds to come together in a common story - the need of a savi.

a Gospel message for all ages

We want our teaching to speak to children and challenge adults.  We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the story of rebellious humans who deserved death but received forgiveness through sacrificial love, is a powerful and accessible story for people of any age.  We are confident that the Bible is on our side in this, and we know that Jesus is (Matthew 18:3).

We want everyone to join together as children of God to learn and grow on the journey of faith toward a discovery of new life in Jesus Christ.

What to expect this easter